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BAC SIs, SBs, Etc.

Just a heads up about a new capability on the BAC website, thanks to Bill Manhein (and Tim Flight’s support).

Using new source hardcopy, Bill has scanned, OCR-processed, and reloaded all of the Beech Communiques on the SI/SB page. You will find much improved readability, including any color present in the original document. You can now search the index for keywords; and you can search for keywords within any given document. You can also do text-select, and use copy-paste to transfer information from a document to an email note (for example).(For clarification, the contents of those files are not available in the BAC search, however you can open the PDF file and search it from the search function on the program you use to view PDF files.)

At least to me, this was an incredible job; most daunting to me, Bill managed to finish it in a couple of months (or actually less).

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.