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Dave Mielnicki – In Memoriam

What follows is a note from Lynne Kramer, breaking the unfortunate news of Dave Mielnicki. I also have attached what I think is a pretty good shot of his plane – I love the Classic Beech paint scheme. There is also a group shot from one of the first Musketeer Fly-outs at KY Dam State Park – August of 2000.


I just wanted to contact you and let you know that Dave died October 13… Heart attack, no symptoms, total shock. 

Dave's Mouse

Haven’t decided what I will do with the plane, so many happy memories wrapped up in it.  I’ve considered taking lessons but don’t know if I can do it in that plane without being emotionally upset all the time…

He was very wrapped up in working on his new career.  Dave had gone back to college to get a Culinary Arts degree.  Videoconferencing has lost its demand in this area.  He was working so hard and doing great!!  Straight A’s!  We were planning on opening up a bed and breakfast when I retired and he was learning all about the management side as well as the cooking side of a business.

Take Care.

Lynne Kramer

flyin photo

Left to right – Brad Mitchell(Lex,KY), Dave Mielnicki(Dayton,OH), Donnie Knott(Paris, TN), Me(Nasvhille, TN)

Seated – Kelvin Roots(Terre Haute, IN), Richard Raper(Tullahoma, TN), Paul Zerkal(Terre Haute, IN(?))

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