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SW Maintenance Clinic – Mojave

The Southwest Maintenance Clinic is taking shape. We will be using building 75 at Mojave Airport for the Clinic. This is the home of Flight Research Inc.On the Mojave Airport web site page there is a link for local business and hotel information for those folks planning to stay overnight. I would suggest the Mariah Hotel. Very nice.

I am still trying to arrange a tour of Scaled Composites and a view of Spaceship One and the Global Flyer which will be taking off for the around the world tour with Steve Fosset in January. Most of the Staff are out of town some I will keep bugging them.

The Airport Tours will be available on Saturday so bring a camera.

I will post a word document on the BAC site with FAR 43 reference and a copy of a Lube Chart which we will be using at the Clinic. I have enlisted the help of two mechanics at Flight Research to help with the Demo’s (They want free flight instruction). Should be a lot of fun.

Watch This Space.

Jeff Bryant

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