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DOUG MUSE named RD of the Year

PhotobucketBeginning in 2009, the BAC Board of Directors approved a recognition program to honor one of the regional directors for their efforts, input, leadership, time and commitment. The program directed that the Executive Committee, consisting of the president, executive vice-president and the secretary/treasurer would ……make the decision who the winner was each year. The govern criterion and reward information can be found here…Regional Director of the Year Program.

The Executive Committee considered all the great effort by the entire team of regional directors and when the final count came in, Southeastern Regional Director Doug Muse was named the 2009 Regional Director of the Year.

Doug has worked very hard, not just in 2009 but in all the years he has served as the Southeastern RD. His positive attitude, tireless energy and great enthusiasm was more evident than ever this past year as he spearheaded several fly-in events, worked hard on the Bahama outing and committed several hours of his time to help with the upcoming new website.

So congratulations to Doug Muse. His logo’d shirt has already been shipped to him and his one free year of Club dues will be added to his membership, but the plaque will be held in abeyance until BACFest 2010 where it will be presented in person to Doug by the Executive Committee.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.