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Fly the Coast Of Maine

See the foliage, the Rockbound Coast, and an Airshow…all at once!

Maine Fly-In Sept 15Fly-in to KIWI in Wiscasset, Maine and then come to the Brunswick Naval Air Statiion’s Annual Airshow.

Come to the beautiful coast of Maine, enjoy the flight in, the show, hobknob with BAC’ers. We’ll provide transport around the bay to the show and figure out something for lunch.

Man, you gotta see the coast of Maine in fall! You might even want to make a weekend of it…gain some cool points with that non-flying spouse. (‘Course, if you’re brave, you can drop him/her off at Freeport with LL Bean and all those Outlet Stores!!)

Come see the cute Polar Bear Brian brought back from Canada! (Had to keep it, you just can’t order one of them things around when they climb into your airplane.)

Contact Brian Foote, Past Northeast Regional Director, for details

(bsfoote@e-mart.tv) or Steve Cote, current NERD (Gotta change that acronym!) sjcote@verizon.net

Rain Date is 9/16

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.