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Greenwood Lake Fly-In

Come down and meet the Champagne Lady at this lovely airport on the NY/NJ line! THIS WEEKEND! (8/25/07)

Fly-In-Wise it has been a dry summer in the Northeast. (Or, rather a very WET summer, otherwise there would have been more Fly-In!!)

But come down this Saturday to Greenwood Lake (4N1). We will be enjoying life, telling airplane stories, and get to see that big ole Connie sitting there. (Go ahead, figure out how they got her in there. Yep, she did too fly in!)

We’ll have a cook out, tally some President’s Points, and, with luck, Brian Foote will have his vacation slides! (Now relax; he braved large Polar Bears, flat tundra, and killer gas prices to take these!) He and Bob Schmidt are just back from James Bay…that’s waaay up there. In fact, they have spent so much time flying over Canada in the last few years that Ottawa is issuing them passports.

(Rain Date is Sunday; Go/No Go will be via the BAC site and BACMail))

Call or email me with your intentions so I can go shopping,

Steve Cote



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