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On Thu Sep 9 3:07, Jeffrey Osier-Mixon sent: The main advantage of the Garmin 296, besides color, is terrain. Hi all – Jeffery was wondering about buying a GPSMAP296 – I just bought a GPSMAP195 on eBay to upgrade my flying from the GPS III+ I’ve been using. When I told my mechanic Stan Holm about it, he said to come out and look at his new GPSMAP296. Well, I took my “new” 195 out to Stan the Man’s Shop at ALW and compared it to his NEW 296. WOW! The screen is unbelievable – the 296’s 2/3 the size and 1/2 the weight and HORIZONTAL! Terrain too – but I have a sectional and an altimeter, so – if you think you need it, go for it! Did I say the screen is Fantastic? (But I will have to wait on the $1,600 for now – but I started saving up!)

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