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Southeast Fly-in at LZU Sept. 18

Hi all – We have 15 Musketeers scheduled so far.

Let’s hope Ivan doesn’t rain on our party.

Special thanks to Joel Levine for arraigning for the use of EAA Chapter 690’s facilities. EAA will have Young Eagles on South side of the field. If any of the attendees are EAA members, they are encouraged to donate time for the Young Eagles.

Please contact me directly at o_Iftikhar@bellsouth.net for a final head count.

LZU agenda:

Arrival 9:30 ish

Donuts and coffee

Greet and meet

Do it yourself Interior modification demo.


Rusty screw removal demo.

Departure: When you feel like it.

Airport Information:

Gwinnett County – Briscoe Field (LZU)

Class D

TWR – 124.1

GND – 121.8

WX Contact: AWOS 132.275 770-339-7753; ATIS 132.275


7-25: 6000X100; asphalt grooved; PCL; aft 9 pm; antenna ry 7; pole ry 25

If you are unfamiliar ask for Progressive Taxi to EAA ramp.

EAA hanger is on the North side of the field, towards the beginning of rwy 7.

Pay special attention to Taxiways, some are One Way.




Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.