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Greasy T-Shirt Contest Oct. 9th at KEDN

Ever seen a grown man playing with his Grease Gun? Here’s your opportunity. Fly to Enterprise (KEDN) Alabama this Saturday October 9th to see our very own Bob Steward demonstrate proper use of a Grease Gun on a Mouse. Yes folks we have already cornered a mouse in Alabama. After greasing the mouse we will have a Greasy T-shirt Contest.

So far we have only 15 airplanes with 19 people signed in for the fly-in. Folks we need 7 more airplanes to break our last record from the Peachtree City Falcon Field (KFFC) Fly-In earlier this year.

Most of the pilots & friends arriving on Friday are staying at Comfort Inn (334-393-2304). Nachos and Beers at Effie’s Cafe at 1900.

Best Regars,

Osman Iftikhar


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