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SW-Flyin Sedona (KSEZ)

Well. We are starting to firm a few things up at Sedona.

The Sky Ranch Hotel still has rooms available but there going fast. You need to make your reservations soon before the clock runs out. Let them know that you are with the BAC Musketeer Club….Carl Foster has worked a good deal with the airport I think. The overnight tie down is $7.50 a night (For the City I think) and the airport will reduce the price of fuel by .20c a gallon.

I am trying to book a conference room to hold our first South West Meeting. I am working on an agenda right now and we have a really great idea for a fly-in for next spring that we will announce.

I am planning to meet with Steve King and Elliott Sanders at AOPA at the end of the month. One of the things we are going to discus is to have as many people flying to Sedona, meet us at Needles (KEED) for fuel and we will go into Sedona from there as a group. Stay Tuned….

Cloyd Van Hook is working on a banner for the South West Region. I hope to have it before the fly-in so we can display it in the conference room. I will be sending a separate e-mail to him to see if we can get some patches or hats or what ever the club has available for the members.

I am planning on a Maintenance Clinic for December. Have not firmed up a date yet but it looks like maybe December 4th with a rain date of December 11th. I have a meeting with a company called Flight Research Inc. at Mojave this week and I am planning to ask them if we can use their facilities for the demonstration. Stay Tuned…….

Anyway, everything is starting to firm up. I think we are going to have a great time at Sedona.

Watch this Space.

Jeff Bryant

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.