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JP Instruments FS-450 Fuel Computer

The Fuel gauges in my Sport 150 have never worked correctly. Even though I have removed and cleaned ever wire, float and gauge, it still is only accurate when empty!! I bought a JP Instrument FS-450 Fuel scan and what a difference. This thing provides the following: Continuous display of fuel burned in Gallons per Hour. Liters and Lbs per hr also available. Automatically calculates the K factor. All programming done from the front panel. Size 2.25″ diameter (small hole) Light Weight 5 oz with Super Thin 1.5″ depth Three year warranty. (yes, the only three year warranty around!) Serial port sends and receives data from all GPS units, even handhelds. Calculates fuel to next waypoint. And Check this out: FS-450 Can Mate to an old Shadin or Hoskins System QUE lights indicate which function is being displayed in the lower display Auto Button, starts the automatic scan of the functions. Step button can index information forward or backward. All programming done easily from the from panel with two buttons and no switches to toggle. Displays All These Functions: Total Fuel Used Fuel Remaining Endurance in Hours and Minutes Fuel Required to next Waypoint Fuel Reserve at Next Waypoint Nautical miles per Gallon I connected it to the Garmin 295 and the FS-450 would tell me Fuel Required to next Waypoint, Fuel Reserve at Next Waypoint, Nautical miles per Gallon. I highly recommend this unit. It installs in less than an hour. I had to make new fuel hoses in-order to install the transducer near the carburetor but that was no major chore. Enjoy!

Submitted by Jeff Bryant


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