After reading a post from somebody on the JVC HA-NC100 noise canceling headphones I looked around on the web and found them for $58.00 at the Wal-Mart website (not endorsing Wal-Mart but they were the least expensive). Someone also had them on E-Bay for around $75.00 + shipping. MSRP is $99.00.

Product arrived in three days and I gave them a test. Remember these are not headsets, no comm capability but my plan was to use them for my passengers to listen to music on flights or just for noise reduction so they can sleep on the flight. I tried them at home with a box fan running next to my head. They are comfortable and even with the noise reduction feature off they reduced the noise level. Once turned on there was a noticable reduction in the noise level. I tried them out on a flight (with another pilot listening up on the freq during the test). Again, they were useful just having them on over having no ear protection. With the noise reduction feature enabled there was quite a difference in the noise level. I think they will be a useful addition to my flight bag when flying with my wife and kids. They came with a small carrying bag and a retractable cord for plugging into an MP3, DVD, etc player.

Submitted by John Perry


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