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Southeast Fly-In (KEDN – 23 Oct. 2004)

We had an excellent gathering at Enterprise Alabama (EDN). Correct head count for the day was 8 Musketeers. Sam left just before I landed.Longest distance award goes to N6083N and David Snodgrass. David flew in all they way from Indiana. Well, really N6083N did the flying while David probably read the newspaper; S-Tec 30 with altitude hold coupled to a GNS 430. What a panel.

A big Thank You to Jimmie and his family for being excellent and gracious hosts. Jimmie had the BAC banner hanging from the hanger. It looked fantastic. Jimmie’s grand daughters picked pilots up from the flight line in the official “BAC” golf cart. Jimmie also provided official BAC cars for a quick jaunt to Larry’s BBQ for a delicious lunch. We had our BAC meeting and maintenance discussion at lunch. After lunch we walked the flight line took some pictures. Departures started around 4:00 pm.

Thank you all for flying in.




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