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North East Fly-in @ KIWI was a HUGE success.

Well we had a great turnout today in Wiscasset for our 3rd NE Fly-in and 1st Maintenance Clinic. Photos are online and read the whole story below.Our host FBO Wicked Good Aviation‘s A&P Mike Muchmore demonstrated a Tire change, proper way to insert a tube and wheel bearing packing among answering many other questions on various maintenance issues. I know I learned a couple of new things, as I’m sure everyone did.Plus I got a new front tire.

Ann Walko also of Wicked Good Aviation embroidered a ball cap with a Sundowner and Wicked Good Aviation on it for us to raffle off.

Bob Palamara of Toms River NJ took home a quart of oil for coming the farthest distance, I think he took home a few Maine Lobster too.

Our oldest Musketeer was a 1969 B23 flown by Al & Audrey Schmitt of Rhode Island.

We had Hot Dogs and Hamburgers on the grill also cooked by our A&P Mike Muchmore.

I thank everyone for coming and having a good time and hope to here real soon from someone else looking to put on a fly-in at there local airport.




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