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Mike Rellihan’s Aileron/Stab tab Linkage Kits

Nine of you have purchased these kits from me (and thanks). I only have a few left. In doing my hardware inventory for the last few kits, I came up with a possible overage still on hand. UPDATED 2/10, Clevis BoltsPlease check your kit when it arrives. It will have a bag marked INBOARD and OUTBOARD (same bag). If that bag only contains two bolts instead of four, I accidentally short-changed you. You have new hardware for both ends of the aileron pushrod on both sides, but you only have new aileron hinge bolts for one side. Please contact me if you find that you are short in that package, include your address (to save me a few minutes of look-up), and I’ll send out the missing parts right away.

Today, 2/10, it came to my attention that some of the Clevis bolts included in the kits may not have drilled shanks (which are required). I didn’t check each one individually for the hole, as they were packaged as the correct drilled part. Please let me know if your Clevis bolts are un-drilled, and I will send you two new ones. These are the special screws with large-diameter slotted heads.

I went through my one remaining kit, and everything in it was correct. My apologies for any kits found with these shortcomings. Sometimes I think I’m working too late into the night. Good thing it isn’t hands on, on the airplanes.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.