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North Central FlyIn June 18, 05

For those attending the North Central Fly In at Rapid City, SD; the

weather in the last week has ranged from 55-85 degrees during the

day and 40-55 degrees during the night. A light jacket is always a

good addition in the Black Hills. I’m building a tourist package

for one of our members, I can make as many as needed (where to go

maps etc.) let me know.

We have about 8 or 9 Mice coming, and at the end of last week the

flyin announcement went out on the AOPA web page and the SD Aviation

news letter. I have had calls from the SD National Guard to make

sure I know they NOTAMed closed one of our emergency airfields (3V0)

because of an exercise; and Ellsworth Approach wanted to know if we

needed anything and to remind me of the restrictions around Mt.


NOTAMs – be sure to check – HON (Huron) for Rapid and

surrounding area. Rapid Tower has recently changed Freq. Following are some of the local numbers:

Denver Center 127.95

APCH/P DEP/P BASIC RADAR SVC 119.5 (Ellsworth Approach 30nm)

TWR/CTAF 125.850 (Rapid City Tower)

GND/P 121.9 (Rapid City Ground)

HURON FSS (HON) 122.65 (to close Flight Plan)


UNICOM 122.950 (WestJet)

EMERG 121.5

***CAUTION*** Density Altitudes typically are above 5000′ this

time of year.

WestJet has asked, “If you have tie downs, try to bring them. If

we have a lot of plans on fathers day weekend, they may be in short


Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.