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Prince Edward Island R U Kummink?

If you are more than 50% sure you might be coming to the PEI fly-in July 2 please let me know. As of Monday June 13 the “maybes” are:

Corcoran, Dahab, Flood, Bucey.

I will be traveling and out of email for most of the week 6/13 6/20. Then I will be in Canada. Last minute tips:

Have the normal FAA “ARROW” papers for your airplane.

NO, you do not need a radio operator’s license! Canada requires only the same stuff the USA does.

Copy your proof of having insurance.

Have proof of citizenship for both coming and going.

Duty free bring one bottle of booze 1.2 (liters) and 1 carton (200) butts.

Pay duty on extra booze and butts. It is less than buying in Canada.

I drink bourbon and Margie smokes Vantage.

Leave the USA and come back on a filed flight plan either VFR or IFR.

Call Canadian Customs tell them you are coming and where you are landing for inspection. Not all Customs offices are open at all times.

Call USA Customs before you fly back into the country.

Most places in PEI take USA cash – as much as they can get their hands on.

Stores are not open on Sunday on PEI. But, tourist stores are open.

DISCLAIMER: This has been a synposis of what is needed. Consult higher authority for a full and official list. However, my experience has been pleasent with Canadian Customs and the general fly-ing environment. They will help-you-not-to-screw-up.

Try www.aopa.org and www.gov.pe.ca for more info.

Tom Corcoran, PEI phone (902) 628-6019

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.