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South Central Fly-In – Weather Update

Well after a dismal week, we seem to be looking good for our weather. North Arkansas is going to remain cloudy for most of today, so the majority of drying out at gastons will occur on Friday. I contacted the FBO at Baxter Co, and there is NO landing fee, but they do have pricy fuel at around 3.25 (I don’t remember exactly, just know it was knock out expensive) per gallon. Gastons fuel is 3.00 so if you can wait till Saturday to purchase… I have noticed some small amount of ‘grass strip’ apprehension, and given that several arrivals will be on Friday afternoon, here is what I am thinking:

Why doesn’t the Friday arrivals take place at Baxter Co. If your reservation is at gastons, let ED help you get over there. And then we all fly over to Gastons on Saturday after a brief meeting at Baxter to review procedures. We can head over there together. This will give an extra day for the sun to do its job.

Hate to hear that the SW has had to call off their meeting.



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