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SW-Flyin for the Winter

Well the results are looking like this

Sedona, AZ with 25%

Then followed by Mojave, CA………I will leave the poll open for three more days then I will post the final results. I really enjoyed the comments and they gave me some great ideas. What I would like to do is this.

If Sedona stays on top, I suggest the 5-6-7th of November. With AOPA coming up on the 23rd of October and Halloween, its too soon to plan anything before hand and this will give everyone time to plan.

I would like to have a maintenance clinic at Mojave in December. This will give me time to prepare and get some useful info from the folks back east who have had a couple of clinics already.

By the way, there has been some interest in the up-coming event on Wed. the 29th with spaceship one. I suggest that if you plan to attend come early. They will close the airport the day before if you are planning to fly in. Let me know and I will arrange parking for you at Mojave. I have a great viewing area also to see the event.

Thanks for all the comments and thanks for the help from Carl Foster, Steve King and Rick Koch.


Jeff Bryant

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.