Yukon Celebration of 100 years of Flight
BAC International member John Radysh would like to invite all BACers to participate in what is turning out to be an unforgettable yearly event for those who participate!
So far at least 4 BAC aircraft are participating….

<Yukon Celebration of 100 years of Flight

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BAC International member John Radysh would like all that can participate in Canada’s celebration of 100 years of Flight in Canada!

USA and Canadian pilots are invited . There are going to be three starting points in Canada and one of the points is going to be in Quesnel (where John & Judy Radysh live). So far there are 2 Beech Club aircraft registered and hope to have more . There will be a professional film crew with us and will be broadcasted on the History channel on TV.

Only 100 planes are allowed. there are ALL types of planes going and what they did last year… was the fastest took off first and the slowest last with 3 groups altogether . The way they plan the flight is flying 2-3 hrs in a day to keep everyone together with well planed fuel stops and rest stops . When we get to Whitehorse Yukon there will be excursions from there to Dawson City , Atland , whitewater rafting (that I know of ) its still in the planning sages . There is going to be discounts on fuel and hotels. Another thing they did they had ground support with weather briefing each morning to all the pilots , so even the inexperienced can feel comfortable going . 

Here’s a YouTube link to some past events and more



If you are interested you can go directly to the *****Century of Flight Website***** or email John Radysh here

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