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Beech Aero Club Membership – Subscription

Beech Aero Club Membership – Subscription

Join or renew for one of the best values for your aircraft and flying experience.  For only $50 a year you get a host of benefits including technical information, discounts and most importantly the support of your fellow members and owners.  See the Membership Benefits Page for a more complete list of benefits.

Setting up a subscription will require having a PayPal account. You will have an opportunity to setup an account during the payment process.  If you don’t have a PayPal account and don’t wish to set one up please select our Single Payment option at BAC Membership Single Payment Option where you can make a single payment through PayPal without an account as well as have an option to pay by check.

For payment via PayPal member access will be activated (or extended) immediately in most cases.  A very small number of payments (usually e-check payments for infrequent PayPal users), may be delayed by PayPal for a few short days to confirm clearance of payment.

You subscription will renew automatically every year. PayPal will normally process the auto-renewal 5 to 10 days before your expiration date. You can manage your automatic renewal at PayPal or via the Membership tab on your user profile.

If you have an existing membership that is not auto-renewal and pay here your annual payment date will be approximately this date (up to 5 to 10 days earlier). However, your membership benefits will be extended a year at a time from your current expiration so you will not lose any value. In this case your single payment membership can expire normally.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.