Since 2004, when Beech Aero Club was founded, the website has been the primary means of communicating and sharing the vast amount of knowledge between members.The website was built with the most up-to-date technology that existed in 2004 and over the years, much like a remodeled home, additional parts and pieces were added to bring more and more capabilities and information to the membership.As you might expect, expansion doesn’t always go smoothly.As of now the website relies on about thirty-five (yes, 35) software packages to keep everything up and running.Many of these packages are outdated and don’t always work cohesively with one another.It is virtually impossible to upgrade a single package without adversely affecting one or more of the other thirty-odd packages.Therefore, the website is going to be rebuilt from the ground up with the most modern technology that exists in 2018, fourteen years since BAC’s inception.

Tim Flight, one of the seven founding members of BAC, built the original website strictly on a volunteer basis.Tim maintained the site for more than five years before handing the reins over to Mark Gooderum, who continued to manage and grow the site, again strictly on a volunteer basis.Several others have volunteered their efforts and countless members have donated their time, effort and knowledge to help amass the greatest amount of information about our airplanes that can be found in a single place.

Going forward, the club has contracted with Tim Flight to build and test a new website that will provide a stronger technological foundation, modernize the operating platforms and software that run the site, provide greater security and ensure stronger hosting, backup and technical support.The new website is being built separately from the existing website and the vast majority of the information stored on the current site will be imported into the new site.It will then be tested, tested and tested again to ensure top functionality prior to it going live.

Tim has spent the past three months working on the back end of the new website and over the next few months will begin working on the front (visual) end of the site.Tim will soon begin a discussion forum on the current website to give periodic updates and some sneak previews and screen shots of what’s to come.It is estimated that the new website will be fully functional and ready to go by the end of June 2018.

A stronger search engine and enhanced capabilities for posting pictures and videos are a few of the primary goals of the new website.And for those of you that don’t like PayPal, a new credit card processing option will be available.As with anything new, patience will be a virtue.Whenever any business or association updates a website, it may take some additional probing to locate everything you’re trying to find.To provide an initial aid, there will be the ability to jump back and view the old website during the first several months of launching the new website.

The new website will keep Beech Aero Club moving forward as well as continue to provide opportunities for sharing knowledge, appreciation and camaraderie with all club members.

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