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AOPA Summit 2010

There’s always a good group that show up for AOPA Summit (formerly known as AOPA Expo) so organizing a real fly-in for this. This fly-in is a bit a typical as it’s not a quick in and out – most come for the whole day or even two.

I’m setting the date for Saturday the last day of the Expo but please comment or post here if you will be attending at all. In past year there has usually been an informal happy hour somewhere on the Friday evening as well.

Exact time and location TBD. Tentatively Long Beach (KLGB) although we’ll probably arrange to meet at the Expo itself not on field. If KLGB fills or the coast looks to not be VFR we’ll see what AOPA posts for alternate fields and shuttles. There will be shuttles from KLGB to the convention center.

Arrival procedure will be at http://www.aopa.org/summit/planning.html#flyingtosummit but hasn’t been posted yet.

See you all in Long Beach!!!!

Comments in the forum thread at https://www.beechaeroclub.org/showthread.php/7472-AOPA-Summit-2010.

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