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BACNotes on President’s Trophy Winners

The President’s Trophy was created in 2005 by then president Cloyd Van Hook.The award was established to recognize the Beech Aero Club member who flew the most miles during the year to attend BAC fly-ins.In 2008 a second award was created to recognize the member who attended the most BAC events during the year.Both awards are presented annually at BACFest.

Past winners of the most miles flown are:

2005Brian Foote
2006Mike Rellihan
2007Dan Jonas
2008Mike Rellihan
2009Marty Vanover
2010Ed Smith
2011Ed Smith
2012John Redmon
2013Dan Kirby
2014Mark Weiss
2015John Redmon
2016Jeff Knight

Past winners of the most events attended are:

2008Brad Mitchell & Gary Boyce
2009Brad Mitchell
2010Brad Mitchell
2011John Redmon
2012John Redmon
2013John Redmon
2014John Redmon
2015John Redmon
2016John Redmon

Dan Kirby receiving his 2013 award for most miles flown at a special presentation held in Portsmouth, Ohio.

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