The Beech Aero Club has a few changes occurring on the Board of Directors (Regional Directors). Regional Directors Larkin Braxton (Central South) and Marshal Whatley (Southwest) have resigned their positions. The Board of Directors appointed Bill Sciscoe (Central South) and Jean Gurnee (Southwest) to complete the respective terms. Thanks to both retiring and new Regional Directors for their participation in the organization.

Several additional changes will occur in the next few days. Steve Cote (Exec. Vice-President) has tendered his resignation effective the 15th of November, 2011. Replacing Steve to serve out the balance of the term will be Robert Schmidt, currently the Regional Director for the East Central Region. The appointment is effective as of November 15, 2011.

This leaves a vacancy for Regional Director in the East Central Region. John Redmon was appointed by the Board of Directors to complete Robert’s term as Regional Director for the East Central Region. This appointment is also effective as of November 15, 2011.

The current Beech Aero Club Board of Director’s list is attached to this message. It will be updated to reflect the November 15, 2011 changes on or after that date.

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