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Connecticut Airboss Hosts First BAC Fly-in March 19th

Ken Cook, Airboss of Connecticut hosted the first fly-in in his state for 2011. BAC members assembled (in of all places) at BAC in Danbury on Satruday March 19th. At KDXR BAC stands for Business Aircraft Center who turned out to be gracious and welcoming.

At the event were other BAC dignitaries: Steve Cote, Vice President; Tom Corcoran, Northeast Region Director; Carlos Vares, Airboss of Rhode Island.

Jack Macdonald traveled the shortest distance in his Beech Sport as he only had to taxi over to BAC from the other side of the airport.

The approach to Danbury offers a spectacular view of the New York City skyline. The final approach course to the active that day (Runway 35) takes you down between two hills which seem to be only inches from your wingtip. The wind all over New England was quite gusty and presented a bumpy ride.

Next Northeast event is on April 9 at Quonset Rhode Island. Check the BAC calendar for particulars.

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