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Familiar Faces and Three Airbosses Together at Rutland.

Airboss of Vermont Larry Perry was waiting. Two other Airbosses flew in along with guests for the pancake breakfast at Rutland, Vermont Saturday June 18, 2011.

As all participants came north to attend each was treated to IFR ceilings and a very unusual localizer approach into KRUT.

The airport is in a valley in the shadow of Kilington Mountain. Boston Center can’t guide you much below 5,700 feet which is really high for us sealevel pilots in eastern New England. So, manuever at 6,400 down to 787 on your own following the Rutland localizer. Yes it worked and do the opposite for IFR out of the valley.

Larry was joined by Airboss of Connecticut Ken Cook and Carlos Vares the Airboss of Rhode Island. Tom Corcoran Regional Director flew in with a guest, Pete Tuttle his original flight instructor of 21 years ago.

One of the wayward members landed by coincidence during the event in his Sundowner. He was welcomed warmly and says he will re-up and send in his dues since lapsed for six months.

Vermont is a beautiful state and you should spend some of your summer there.

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