This Saturday is a big day for flying events around the country. Details are posted on the BAC calender which is just one click away to access.

But for those too lazy:D to click calendar, here is a summary:

1) There is an open house and breakfast at Delta, UT (KDTA). Starts at 9 AM.
2) JP’s Barbeque Ribs and Chicken at Bolton Field (KTZR Columbus, OH). Get there by 11:45 AM.
3) Hammerhead Aeronautical Get-Together (49A Ellijay, GA). Starts at 10 AM.
4) Central PA Pancake Breakfast ( KFIG Clearfield, PA). Arrive by 11:15 AM
5) Warbird Show & Ride (M33 Gallatin, TN). Show opens at 8 AM.

So there you have it. Some great events are planned and in these difficult times when we are reluctant to burn our avgas dollars frivolously, here’s some semi-legitimate excuses to fly! Come on boys and girls, let’s fly those planes and get together….I guarantee you won’t regret the trip!

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Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.