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Northeast Fly-Ins Continue

We’ve done the Ice Runway and Laconia NH and Danbury CT…

Next is Saturday April 9 at Quonset RI (KOQU). Meet at the base of the tower at 11:00am.
The ususal meet and greet plus a flight line show and tell is primary item.
You are free to visit the flight museum next door.
We may be able to get a tour of the RI Air National Guard on the airport.
Lunch is on your own separate checks.
Your host is Carlos Vares the Airboss of Rhode Island.

On April 18 we will assemble to Fly Over the Boston Marathon.
See the special safety info listed below.
Optional meeting and group departure is at 8:30am at Mansfield MA (1B9).
After flying over the start we will land at Norwood (KOWD) and drive via van to see the runners in person at the halfway point in Wellesley.
Your host is Mark Patachiola the Airboss of Massachsetts.

Tom Corcoran
Director BAC Northeast Region
cell 781 843-4321

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