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Regional Director of the Year (2010)

 Each year, the Executive Committee, takes a look at the work performed by all the Regional Directors and selects a Regional Director of the year.

The purpose of the Regional Director of the Year award is to recognize the BAC Regional Director who, in the opinion of the BAC Executive Committee, does the most in the course of the calendar year to promote the Beech Aero Club, provide leadership to the regional members, participates in BAC activities and further the cause of Beech Aero Club aircraft.

We have a lot of hard working Regional Directors and we thank them all even as we single out one of them for this honor.

Regional Director of the Year for 2010 is:

Bo Boggs

Bo did a fantastic job last year and capped it all with a major effort pulling off a successful BACFest 2010 in San Antonio.

Bo will get a t-shirt and a years extension of his membership. Who says hard work does not pay off?

Congratulations to Bo from all of BAC!

Dan Jonas
BAC President

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