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Saturday is Fulton County New York (NYO)

Scott Brunner, AIRBOSS of NEW YORK says…

Sweets for lunch from the local bakery.
Bring a sandwich if you’d rather picnic.
Meet about 10am.
Talk airplanes! BAC will pay landing fee.
NOTE: The Identifier is N Y 0 (zero not O and there is no K)

Beech Aero Club Northeast Region
Flying Opportunities 2011


Ice Runway Alton Bay NH – February 12
Laconia NH – February 12
Danbury CT – March 19
Quonset RI – April 9
Boston Marathon – April 18


Fulton County NY (KNYO) – May 7
Laconia Bike Week NH (KLCI) – June 11
Breakfast at EAA Rutland VT (KRUT) – June 18
AOPA Summit CT (KHFD) – Sept 22
BAC Northeast Reunion CT (KHFD) – Sept 24
BACFest National Meeting NY (KITH) – Sept 29 thru October 1

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