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Website Updates – Downtime on Wednesday 11/11

Work is continuing on the final stages of the new website as well as efforts to bring some updated content to the current site.

Meanwhile, to keep the lights on effectively and address keeping the current site secure some incremental work on the current site there is some planned maintenance that will result in some downtime.

Ergo, this Wednesday, 11/11 (aka US Veteran’s Day) the website will be down approximately 4 hours from 10a-2p EST (1500Z to 1900Z) to allow several updates. These updates include various updates to the software underlying the current website, removing some retired software components, and converting the site from “http” to “https” (aka SSL/TLS or encrypted communications).

If things go well we will be back online sooner. Normally the site is put in “maintenance mode” where logins are blocked and a short message is presented. However some of this work will have the site completely offline. To avoid any interaction with the site while this work is in progress and provide a positive response (instead of an error page or timeout) – www.beechaeroclub.org will temporarily be directed to a static page providing a note on what’s up during this work.

Mark Gooderum

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