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BAC 2012 Board Elections

The BAC 2012 Elections are now completed. See results in article above.
Note that the elections will close at Midnight, Pacific Standard Time, Saturday December 15th, 2012 as per the 15 day voting period in the bylaws. The original poll closed times on the election polls was incorrect – this has been corrected.

The voting is the same as the 2010 elections but a little different than past elections prior to that on the “old” site. Each election is a post in a forum with a poll – there is forum for the Board Level elections at https://www.beechaeroclub.org/forumdisplay.php/31-Board-Elections that is open to all member.

Go to the Elections top level forum at https://www.beechaeroclub.org/forumdisplay.php/30-Elections. You should see two forums – one for board level elections (https://www.beechaeroclub.org/forumdisplay.php/31-Board-Elections) and one for the region you have listed in your membership profile. To vote go to each post and click on the poll. There are 3 elections for the board level seats and one for your Regional Director.

If you don’t have a regional election or the region is wrong please edit your profile and contact us (editing your profile will not fix the election region, this is by design as both membership and region are captured as of the start of the election).

Currently many elections are unopposed but please vote and show your support. The “Not Voting” choice is simply because the site software requires two choices in a poll.

Once again, your region for the election is based on your membership record on 12/3/2012. This isn’t updated dynamically so that we can control each person voting in only one Regional Director. If you just joined or have an incorrect region please contact us via the web contact form as we’ll have to adjust things manually.

If you have any issues like not being able to access the forums, posts or polls please contact us as well.

Thanks all.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.