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BAC Election Results

The elections for the Board of Directors and Region Directors have concluded. All candidates are to be thanked for stepping up and participating. The winners are to be congratulated and are as follows:

President – Bo Boggs
Exec. Vice-Pres. – Bob Schmidt
Sec./Tres.- Mike Samac
Northeast RD – Tom Corcoran
Southeast RD – Dave Singleton
Southwest RD – Marty Vanover
North Central RD – Mike Nielsen
East Central RD – John Redmon
South Central RD – Jay Bruce
Mid-Atlantic RD – John Persinger
International RD – Mark Weiss
Northwest RD – TBD (no candidate)

These gentlemen will begin their two year terms on January 1, 2013 and we wish them all a successful term in their respective offices.

Also, the members recognize and thank the out-going Board members and Region Directors for the service the last two years. We hope they remain active in our Club and continue to provide local leadership, guidance and assistance to any and all BAC members!

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