December 17, 2018 UPDATEThe 2018 Beech Aero Club elections are complete. Congratulations to the winning candidates and thanks to those members that participated. Your 2019 elected Board of Directors will be:

President – John Persinger
Executive Vice President – Jeff Knight
Secretary/Treasurer – Candy Gooderum
Northeast Regional Director – Tom Corcoran
Mid-Atlantic RD – Paul Werbin
Southeast RD – Charley Booton
East Central RD – John Redmon
North Central RD – Michael Dunlevie
South Central RD – Nelson Amen
Northwest RD – To be determined
Southwest RD – Chris Kilgus
International RD – To be determined

November 30, 2018 UPDATE

The following is the slate of candidates for the open positions on the BAC Board of Directors:

Executive Vice President: Jeff Knight
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director: Paul Werbin
North Central Regional Director: Michael Dunlevie
Northwest Regional Director: No candidate(s)
Southwest Regional Director: Chris Kilgus

On or about December 1, instructions for voting will be sent. Voting will continue through December 15, 2018.

November 15, 2018

Annual elections are upon the Beech Aero Club. The Open Nomination period begins November 16 and continues through November 30, 2018. If you would like to nominate someone, including yourself, for one of the open positions, please notify Brad Mitchell, BAC Executive Vice President, by November 30. Email

Executive Vice President
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director
North Central Regional Director
Northwest Regional Director
Southwest Regional Director

Each position is for a two-year term. Below is Article IX from the club Bylaws:


SECTION 1 –NOMINATIONS BY NOMINATIONS & ELECTIONS COMMITTEEThe Nominations & Elections Committee, when convened, shall between October 1 and November 15 nominate candidates for the office of President, ExecutiveVice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and the open Regional Director seats. The committee may nominate more than one member for any position.SECTION 2 –OPEN NOMINATIONSBetween November 16 and November 30 any member may nominate any member, including himself/herself, for the office of President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and the open Regional Director seats. A member may only nominate a candidate for the Regional Director seat for the region of which he is a member.SECTION 3 –ELECTIONSElection of officers and directors will be held between December 1 and December 15. Voting will be by electronic means whenever possible. Any member wishing to vote on a paper ballot may do so by requesting one from the Secretary-Treasurer. The Nominations & Elections Committee shall establish procedures for the conduct of elections.

If any member has an interest in seeking one of these positions or has questions about the duties each position entails, please contact Brad Mitchell at The final slate of candidates will be published on or about December 1, 2018.

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