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Beechcraft Heritage Museum (KTHA) Saturday October 13 (Musketeer Induction) Fly-in

The Beech Aero Club’s 1962 Musketeer (N2303Z) will be inducted into the museum to start off a display of the Beech Aero Center type aircraft on Saturday, October 13th at the end of Beech Party. All are welcome to attend. Everyone that ever flew, owned or admired the Baby Beech that we cherish is invited. We are possibly getting a house or two to share for the festivities. Beech Party is a great time and BAC has a discounted admission rate. If interested in going to Beech Party for the whole time or just flying in for the Saturday event, please post. (The induction is that evening.) We will have a reserved section for Baby Beeches.

So far attendingGene Nora Jessen Fred and Steffi Culleton Oct 10-14 ( BACmobile RV with Grill) Alan White Oct 12-14 Jeff Knight Oct 10-14 Jon Redmon Oct 10-14 Brad Mitchell Oct 13-14 Bob SchmidtJP Oct 11-14 Andrea P Oct 13-14 Jack P Oct 13-14 Alexa P Oct 13-14Mike Koenig Oct 12-14Robert Toomey Oct 11-!4Charley and Jean Booton OctTom and Margie Corcoran OctMichael Dunlevie Oct 12-14Greg Johnson OctGary and Beth Harper OctWDND5960 ” visit time classified for national security reasons)
Chuz Chamberlain
Fred & Lisa Hannon
Bob Prange
Andrew Prange
David Prange

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