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FLY OVER the BOSTON MARATHON – You should have been there!

Boston Marathon 2017 is history. Wayne Hansen joined me for the fly-in over the Marathon. We mixed it up with news helicopters 400′ above and 400′ below us. There were Coast Guard copters and Massachusetts State Police Air wing. Also the numerous banner tows at 1,400 where we were, all within a hundred feet wingtip to wingtip plus two F-18’s doing the coarse from Hopkinton to Boston at 1,000′. Yes, Wayne and I got 2 miles north of the coarse for a moment to avoid them. There were three frequencies to choose from. Take your pick. We chose the helicopter freq on 123.025 as they out numbered us. The only TFR was over the Red Sox game in downtown Boston. After departure we flew to KEWB New Bedford, Massachusetts to talk with the FBO again about our added needs for BACFest 2017 in September. They gave us a free hangar to use for the maintenance seminar and arranged in our behalf with the KEWB car rental for a couple of vans for a few days. The Airport Grille on field is making us welcome in September too.
Tom Corcoran 4/17/17

We arrive in the air at this fly-in. Over Hopkinton, Massachusetts. See 25,000+ runners waiting to start. Be prepared to move out of the way if there is a military fly-by. Watch the actual (staggered) race start. Fly over most of the 26 mile route. Then fly to nearby Norwood Airport, get in the BAC luxury van and drive to Wellesley. This is the halfway point of the race. If our timing is as good as it has been in the past we will see the lead runners pass us. We enjoy the sandwich and beverages which each of us brought. A couple of hours and thousands of runners later we reverse the excursion and return to our planes.

Meet at 10:00am at 1,400′ over Hopkinton. Follow the banner tow planes making left turns around the start. Watch for helicopters making right turns at 900′ and more helicopters at 2,500 bouncing television signals to the world.

If you plan to enjoy this fly-in contact Tom Corcoran (mediareps@aol.com) for important details.

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