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New Chatbox and Other Enhancements

We got farther on the 1st round of updates that expected. The downtime tomorrow evening will still happen to install some backend enhancements we’ll be using to help run the site.

We have replaced the chatbox with a new software package. The new chatbox integrates much more cleanly with the site software and “behaves” better with the site on doing dynamic updates. it also works much more cleanly with multiple channels which will allow us to finally bring CFI chats and other alternative channels.

We also deployed two other user visible enhancements.

First – in the forum display on most browsers (except IE 9 or older, sorry, IE basically blows chunks from a programming perspective) the thread and forum displays should update semi-dynamically as new posts are made.

Second – we’re trying a new style of news feed (“Live Feed” on the main navbar and the 1st block on the forum page).

Together these other two features are an experiment to help make the site more dynamic for users. The old feeds are available on the “What’s New” tab and farther down the forum page. Depending on comments we’ll pick one or the other for the forum page and possibly retire one of the two main event feeds.

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