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New President Bo Boggs steps down!

Newly elected BAC President Bo Boggs has tendered his resignation due to health reasons. Bo is a long standing member and former south central Regional Director. Bo has contributed much time and effort to the success of BAC including working tirelessly in putting together BACFest 2010 in San Antonio. Bo won the Regional Director of the year award in 2010. His decision to step aside because of his health was not taken lightly and his leadership will be missed. The Club board still has the formality of accepting his resignation and the duty of selecting a new president.

Club bylaws state that the board can appoint any (willing to serve) member to any vacant position. There is no allowance in our bylaws for a special election. Currently, per the bylaws, Executive Vice President Bob Schmidt has assumed the duties of the presidency while the Board searches for a member to step up and serve our great organization.

So, our Club is in a “time of need!” An opportunity exists for someone to step up and take the mantel of leadership to guide us through our tenth year of existence and set the tone for the next decade of the Beech Aero Club. Fresh thinking and new ideas are the forefront to any organizations vitality and while we have past presidents to call on, now is the time to look forward, move forward and take a positive step into the future.

If any member is interested in having the office of presidency, please contact EVP Bob Schmidt. If you have any questions about the position, feel free to contact any of our former presidents: Cloyd Van Hook, Chris Linderman or Dan Jonas.

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