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Power Flow Offer Extended through Oshkosh

This past January, Power Flow made the Beech Aero Club members a great offer on the Power Flow Exhaust System. The savings varied depending upon the number of purchases made by club members and included the Ceramic Coating as a free upgrade. The discounts offered to Beech Aero Club members were bigger than those offered to the public.

I just received an update from Power Flow with respect to that offer and better yet, they have extended the offer to run through Oshkosh 2012 (July 29, 2012).

Currently, they have a net 10 orders and that has allowed those BAC Members who participated to save $800 dollars. That is $100 more than any non-member (two years dues). One more order before the end of Oshkosh and the savings for our members will be $900.

If you have not already considered the offer from Power Flow, now is the time.

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