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Unique Same Day DOUBLE BAC Fly-in Spanning Two States

Unique Same Day DOUBLE BAC Fly-in Spanning Two States

Larry Perry, Airboss of Vermont has extended an enticing invitation for you to make flying stops in Vermont and New Hampshire next Saturday July 14, 2012.

First stop is to enjoy the New England Aerobatic Association Annual Championships at Hartness Field in Springfield, Vermont (KVSF). Then, fly 11 minutes east across the state line to Parlin Field (2B3) in New Hampshire for a great safety seminar at 1pm.

Check NOTAMS for unusual flight patterns at Springfield, VT but be prepared to watch fellow pilots do things with planes that even make us go “ooh-and-ahh”. This is a three day event that begins on Friday but you can drop in to watch the excitement Saturday morning. Hartness Field has a 5501 foot runway and it is located in a beautiful spot in the valley between spectacular mountains. You might want to stay the night in the nearby town of Woodstock.

The seminar at Parlin Field in Newport, New Hampshire is “Can Your Airplane Really Perform?” 1:00 PM. This is a fun workshop/seminar dealing with short field takeoff, landing, and obstacle clearance. Participants work hands-on with performance data for their airplane. The runways will be marked with distance signs every 200 feet so pilots can compare actual performance to their airplane’s book performance. There is no passing or failure so you can shake off the rust without embarassment.

Hartness and Parlin are closer to the metropolitan areas that you think. Hartness is located… 89 miles from Boston, 109 miles from Providence, 97 miles from Hartford and 67 miles from Albany. Less than an hour in your Beech. Members should look for each other and keep track of their miles to the fly-ins for PT points. Bring a back-up lunch in case you are too excited to find a restaurant. (None on field).

Tom Corcoran
Northeast Region, Director

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